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Metal Candelabra

Metal Candelabra

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Crafted from iron, this exquisite candelabra serves as the perfect centerpiece for both indoor and outdoor gatherings. Its elegant design features four arms that curl gracefully outwards from its sides, while a fifth, straight arm rises slightly taller from the center, creating a striking visual appeal.


  • Elegant Design: Four curling arms and one central arm create a balanced and sophisticated look.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, adding a warm glow to any space.
  • Five Candelabra Cups: Accommodates an assortment of your favorite candlesticks, enhancing the ambiance of your gatherings.
  • Available in Multiple Sizes and Finishes: Choose from various options to perfectly match your taste and the size of your table.


  • Material: Iron
  • Arms: Four curling outwards, one straight and central
  • Number of Cups: Five
  • Finishes: Available in several finishes
  • Sizes: Available in various sizes
  • Candle Type: It holds taper candles with a diameter of 21mm or 0.8 in

This iron candelabra not only provides beautiful lighting but also serves as a stunning decorative piece, making it an ideal addition to any home decor.

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