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Retro Calligraphy Feather Quill Dip Pen and Ink Bottle Set

Retro Calligraphy Feather Quill Dip Pen and Ink Bottle Set

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Step back in time and infuse your writing with elegance and charm. This Vintage Calligraphy Feather Quill Dip Pen Box Set, crafted with high-quality materials, offers everything you need to create beautiful, timeless pieces of writing.


🖋 Elegant Feather Quill: Made from imported high-end real feathers, each quill is meticulously degreased, disinfected, dyed, and mercerized to maintain a permanent silky luster. Note that each feather is unique in texture, shape, and size, adding a personal touch to your writing experience.

Complete Calligraphy Kit: Includes a classic dip pen, a bottle of rich ink, and multiple stainless steel nibs, providing versatility for various styles and strokes.

📜 Authentic Writing Experience: Enjoy the tactile pleasure of dipping your pen into ink and creating artful scripts and flourishes, just like the masters of old. The zinc alloy pen and real feather quill combine tradition with quality.

🎁 Perfect Gift: Packaged in a beautifully designed box, this set makes an ideal gift for writers, artists, and history enthusiasts.

💼 Versatile Use: Whether for personal journaling, crafting elegant invitations, or practicing calligraphy, this set is a versatile tool for all your creative endeavors.


  • Main Material: Zinc alloy + feather
  • Nib Material: Stainless steel
  • Ink Supply System: Dipped in water
  • Product Weight: 230g
  • Product Size: Length about 25-30cm
  • Packing Size: 28011543mm


  1. The natural real feathers ensure that each quill is unique in texture, shape, and size. The images are for reference only; please expect variations in your set.
  2. Natural flaws are within the acceptable range due to the authentic nature of the feathers.
  3. Feathers are randomly selected for right or left curvature, and each feather's length may vary.

Rediscover the joy of writing with this Vintage Calligraphy Feather Quill Set. Order now and let your words flow with timeless grace!

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